Wedding Script for Officiant

If you were invited to prepare a wedding ceremony for some friends, and you are seeking a wedding script for officiant, so you can make it more professional, you got to the right place!

And if you are a wedding officiant begginer, also, this is for you too.

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wedding script for officiant
wedding ceremony script

Modern Wedding Ceremony Script

Daniel Santos is a professional wedding officiant, and normally he dows bilingual wedding ceremonies, because he speaks portuguese, english, french and spanish.

Daniel has rate 5 from 5 in Google from his brides end grooms.

If you are looking for a modern wedding ceremony script, you just found it!

Sample from a Wedding Ceremony Script short

To make a short wedding ceremony script even shorter, let's say there's 7 steps for a wedding officiant:

  1. opening remarks, greeting all guests
  2. telling the couple story, ina a funny and short way
  3. a special message made for them, inspired by their story
  4. rings entrance, rings exchange, vows echange and solemn yes
  5. hommage to grandparents and parents
  6. annoucements for the party, anything people should know
  7. you may kiss

beach wedding ceremony
Beach Wedding Ceremony

You can have access to several ceremonies, ready to use, or copy and paste, as you wish.

wedding certificate
Wedding Certificate

You will have access to a link to edit your own wedding certificate, with this model above, in the picture.

funny wedding speech
Funny speech

Be relaxed and comfortable to make a special speech to the bride and groom.

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succesfull wedding ceremony